Hand Painted Pine Cone Baskets

handcrafted pine cone baskets

I basically got started by going to estates sales and garage sales with my best friend against my better judgement.

I kept seeing decorations in pine cones but not painted cones. I thought I wonder how they'd look painted and glittered? I started painting them by hand and designing them in baskets. It's a long process, picking them, cleaning every one, and the four step process in painting them but I love it!!! It's my therapy.

I've now been custom designing baskets for any occasion or holiday anyone desires. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, football, Easter, Halloween, fall, and Christmas.

Each basket is spray painted and then designed with seasonal colors of pine cones and decorations. Each is one of a kind. I sold them at fantastic indoor swap meet for 3 years, but working a full time job as well was too demanding.

This is my first year of doing craft shows and find I enjoy this so much more!!!

Hand Painted Halloween Basket

pine cone baskets Hand painted halloween pine cone basket.

Hand Painted football baskets Hand painted football pine cone basket. Green Bay Packers custom crafted pine cone baskets.

Hand Painted October Pine Cone Basket

pine cone baskets Hand painted October pine cone basket.

Hand Painted Sports Basket Hand painted sports pine cone basket. Dallas Cowboys custom crafted pine cone baskets.

Maggie's Corner

Hand Painted Pine Cone Baskets For Every Occasion And Season Maggie Forte - Las Vegas


Pine Cone Baskets

Original One Of A Kind Hand Crafted Pine Cone Baskets started painting pine cones and designing them for myself for Christmas. I then sold them from Fantastics swap meet for 3 years, but found I enjoy the craft show much more. I hand paint every pine cone in the seasons colors, and then design the basket with coordinating decorations. Every basket is unique and one of a kind! I design Easter, Halloween, fall, Christmas, football, weddings, babyshowers or anything that you would like!!!! You name it, Ill make it!!!

christmas pine cone baskets hand painted

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